Fire Suppression System (FM200)

Fire Suppression System (FM200)

Engineered to protect people and property, our reliable, special hazards FM 200 fire suppression systems are used in a variety of applications.

Our engineering and technical experts design systems that are specific to your needs and assets.

FM-200® is the clear choice for a fast, clean fire protection agent. Introduced as a Halon replacement in 1993 owing to Halon degredation of the ozone layer. It has quickly gained acceptance as the world’s leading clean gaseous fire extinguishing agent. When it comes to fire protection, there can be no compromise.

FM-200® extinguishes fire via a combination of chemically based solution. Thus breaking the fire triangle via oxygen reduction within the enclosure and cooling. It is environmentally acceptable, safe to use with sensitive equipment, fast-acting, efficient and effective.

FM-200® fire suppression systems work hand-in-hand with state-of-the-art control and detection components to identify and extinguish fires, long before substantial fire damage can occur.

FM-200 is ideal for Data Centres, Electrical / Control Rooms, other areas where water would not be appropriate to put off fire