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Welcome Axiom project Solutions

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    Our Vision

To be the leading indigenous engineering solutions company that best understands and satisfies our customers need through excellent service delivery.

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    Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide solutions that will meet our client’s needs through continuous research and improvement of our work methodologies. Thus, exceed our client’s expectations.

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    Our Goals

AXIOM management is made up of visionary and resilient indigenous professionals with bold vision and strong entrepreneurial spirit coupled with the passion to run a world class engineering company that will continuously deliver engineering solutions to Nigerian and African market.









Safety in your Surroundings

Where Caution Blends with Technology!

It is the policy of AXIOM to perform work in the safest practicable manner

consistent with good practice. The health and safety of AXIOM employees, and to those affected by our activities, is the responsibility of our management, and as a priority ranks equally with our products, services and profitability.

Axiom Project Solutions

Why CCTV Secure 360 ?
Residential Security
Commercial Requirements
C-Mount CCTV 75%
Day/Night CCTV 78%
Infrared/Night Vision CCTV 80%
Network/IP CCTV 70%

Closed Circuit Television Cameras

In a dynamic world like ours, Closed Circuit Television surveillance and observation are now a way of life for many people. This system is vital at the work place, offices, on motorways, in shopping centers, banks, places of worship or at sports venues. Evidence produced by CCTV systems is being accepted in law courts in many countries. With this expanse in the use of CCTV, the quality of information provided by CCTV is critical.

AXIOM designs and installs high quality security cameras from world leading manufacturers. With the innovative and dynamic nature of businesses in recent times, comes the need to ensure proper security at all times through physical and remote means. The increasing wave of terrorism and attacks around the globe has made adequate security monitoring part of people’s life. AXIOM has therefore positioned herself to harness this opportunity by providing clients with solutions that will meet their respective security needs.

2000+ people have put their trust in CCTV, How about you?